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Dec. 9th, 2019

[info]copyofa in [info]slashsls

Older male who is recently divorced ironically places a personal ad seeking a male partner and/or relation. Is a little suspicious of the response he gets from a rather attractive male? A little bit of SOL, fluff, fun, and smut.

Comments screened.

[info]lkway in [info]slashsls

anyone for a john mulaney pb? maybe a bill hader?

[info]trashmammal in [info]slashsls

A more clean cut (maybe sort of geeky?) guy for a white trash Post Malone pb? Maybe clean cut guy bringing him home for the holidays with his family?

[info]afanboy in [info]slashsls

A celeb to on a night out end up hooking up with a young fan? Would love someone like Shia Labeouf but I'm open.

[info]jakk in [info]slashsls

i'm looking for a writer who would be willing to play any drag queen or trans-person, it doesn't have to be a queen from rupauls drag race, but in general i would love to play against one. if not i'm looking for an ezra miller or someone who slashes jason momoa or male models.

[info]rontj in [info]slashsls

some psls for aaron would be awesome. celeb and journals only. dirty talk, scenes, etc etc.

Dec. 8th, 2019

[info]stomps in [info]slashsls

Looking to brainstorm something fun and easy (OOCly, not necessarily for the characters, ha), either PB or loosely fandom inspired. Check the journal for details, contact me there if anything looks appealing. Or give me cat gifs, I dunno how this works anymore _(:3」∠)_

[info]sanguis in [info]character_rpg

an OC vampire game
You are one of the Damned, dead yet walking, forsaken by the sun: a vampire. You were killed by a predator and remade, filled with an infernal spark that replaced your mortal soul. Now you stalk the streets of Manhattan under the cold light of the moon, immortal and scheming and hungry, drinking the lifeblood of humanity to prolong your own existence.

The King of New York sits on an uneasy throne, his rule controversial after a fifty year reign and thirty years of relative peace. The younger immortals see him as stuffy, old-fashioned, and controlling; the elders see him as complacent, inattentive to potential threats. A leadership challenge feels imminent.

In the darkest corners of the city, an ancient and terrible power rises, and soon the city streets will run red in a flood of carnage.

What will you do with your eternal life? And how will you sustain it?

[info]sanguis is an original roleplaying game of personal horror and supernatural intrigue, inspired by vampire fiction and folklore.

Opened October 1st.

[info]sharonneedles in [info]slashsls

something long term and fun for sharon needles.

[info]somerealitymods in [info]character_rpg

6/15 - 12/15


[info]toyplay in [info]slashsls

Check out the post on my journal.

Anybody up for a heavy toy play line? Getting tied down and worked over?

[info]pittm in [info]slashsls

does anyone play ezra miller or ryan gosling?

[info]estuarine in [info]slashsls

Lines for movie verse Percy Jackson?

Alternatively, a young Kelpie/Water fae type? Perhaps the first mortal he tempts into his water (a prince/knight/sorcerer/villager), or even someone he magically transports into his own magical realm from another while in the form of a horse?

Not looking for kink heavy/bestiality with this. Just something fun/light hearted.

[info]j_connors in [info]slashsls

Looking for a slash line with this Irish classical violinist who is HIV-positive. Some fluff, some angst, and dealing with chronic illness all on the table. Would love a Christmas romance.

Dec. 7th, 2019

[info]marshallmathers in [info]slashsls

would anyone consider playing MGK against eminem or another rapper maybe?

[info]iwillcometoyou in [info]slashsls

Longest shot ever

does anyone know who Hollywood Undead are and slash any of the guys?

[info]vyce in [info]find_a_writer

Currently seeking a largely lighthearted Pokémon PSL that maintains the setting's campy adventure and cheery tone (more info here). Check the IJ for all the needed info, and contact me there if interested!


[info]inspiringmuse in [info]slashsls

Two lonely guys meet in a chatroom late one night. Character A suffers from insomnia and often turns to the internet when he can't sleep. He's a bit of an introvert as well. Character B has a 'secret'. It can be simple or more complicated. Happy to brainstorm something if you'd like.

One or the other keeps putting off meeting until the 'secret' is revealed. I'd like them to become friends, have some feelings develop and we can go from there. I just want someone who is active and likes to write.

[info]mikeyw in [info]slashsls

looking for a slash line for mikey somewhere, would love a frank iero or someone in the music world

[info]incestly in [info]slashsls

Anyone interested in joining an incest game, comment here or on the journal to be added to the discussion post.

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